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The USD 400K resume template

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Harvard/ Stanford/ INSEAD alumni have found USD 400K jobs using this template.

Not your typical old school resume/ CV template that you can find anywhere.

Developed by the CEO of an Executive Search Firm. Someone who has interviewed >2,000 candidates & reviewed >10,000 resumes.

This is the template we use for our candidates. The positions we fill usually pay a USD 150K-500K total package.

For the first time ever, we are making this template available to the general public.

Fine-tuned over 13 years. The only resume template you'll ever need.

Unique features that make you stand out, subtly, in a good way: we don't use 'innovative' formatting that looks unprofessional.

Our template is fully ATS compliant. Humans and robots like it.

Are you a white collar professional or senior executive?

Consultants, Lawyers, Auditors, Bankers, Finance professionals, Marketers, Engineers, VPs, C-Levels have all used this to get better, higher paid jobs.

The only group who should NOT use this template are creatives. This is a professional template. It showcases your professional experience, not your creativity.

Give your career a boost now.

The value you get from this template is > 10,000 USD.

You might finally get that job interview that will change your life.

10-20% higher salary when you switch jobs is typical for my clients (some people get much more).
This will translate into tens of thousands of USD for my typical client.

Why do I need to spend so much money on a resume template?

You don't NEED to.

If you are content using an average resume template, there are plenty of free ones out there.

Only buy this if you want an edge.

Only buy this if you really want the job you are applying for.

Our template doesn’t just have clean formatting and lots of white space which makes it a joy to read (although that's valuable).

What you really pay for are the unique content templates within the template. You get templates for:


✅Your Reporting line

✅Employer background/ description

✅Your team leadership responsibilities

✅Reason for leaving (every reader secretly wants to know)

✅Work result description including impact quantification

✅Multiple roles at one firm (without looking jumpy)

✅Education/ employer ranking (often neglected)

You already know that these are important.

But how to phrase it and where to put them?

Sure, you can DIY and hope for the best.

Or you can save time and just download this proven template.

And you can instead focus on the content and how to customize your resume for a specific role.

This purchase also includes my ebook:

🔸 35 Resume Mistakes You Are Making and How to Fix Them

🔸 Lessons from 16 years in executive search.

🔸 I wrote it because there is too much bad resume advice out there.

The template corrects all the mistakes I point out in the ebook.

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The only resume template you'll ever need.

Easy to read.
Unique content templates.
Summary grabs readers attention.


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The USD 400K resume template

8 ratings
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